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Brenda has an interesting ‘take’ on travellers here. Pot/Kettle Brenda? Snobbery?

Irish edition of The Times on Sunday December 14, 2008
Brenda Power: Travellers are their own worst enemy

Snobbery flourished during the boom years because the sight of common labourers driving around in luxury cars, building enormous homes, sending their children to private schools and jetting off to Val d’Isere on skiing holidays was terribly unsettling.

“I took my three older children skiing earlier this year”

Brenda Power, the mother of five children, doesn’t approve of SUVs in town – “just vulgar, ” she says – but points out that her seven-seater people carrier is a 1.9-litre vehicle and so won’t be hit by the new charges.

The days of cheap airline travel are coming to an end …

…everything suggests that the golden age of €5 flights, continental mini-breaks and trans-Atlantic shopping trips will soon be the stuff of misty-eyed reminiscence….

….And thank God for that. Because for a while there, airline travel had ceased to be the reliable barometer of class it once was. In the days when the term “jet set” was coined, and a sun-tan was a mark of means and taste rather than a streaky job from a bottle of Fake Bake, air travel firmly separated the wheat from the chaff.

Wealthy folk flew to the sun for their holidays and to Paris for a romantic weekend. The lower-middle and working classes spent their annual fortnights in a caravan in Wexford.


More seriously, I’m shocked that a qualified barrister has such a dim view of planning law. Is she seriously suggesting that ABP should have just ignored the development plan?

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