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@tfarmer wrote:

Once again dublin suffers from what is now commonly now known as ‘AHDS’ or anti height disease syndrome.

It must be noted that this is a uniquely irish disease which doesn’t exist in the rest of the world. Its exact origins are unknown but its roots are thought to be a form of paranoid dillusion. Some speculate that it emerged in the late 90’s as a reaction to certain planning activities.

Should you happen to suffer from this particular disease you will notice the following symptoms:

(1) A sudden dislike of any building or object over 5 storey’s high
(2) A need to prevent at all costs any planning applications for buildings taller then the aforementioned height
(3) A need to convince your fellow man of how the ‘splendour of the fair city could be forever lost’ if such planning applications were to get the go ahead
(4) A need to convince your fellow man that true beauty lies in the uniformity of horizontal lines and all things flat
(5) A nagging urge to convince your fellow man that if buildings over this height are built crime, drugs, prostitution and other social problems will suddenly skyrocket and end times will surely follow
(6) A need for convince your fellow man to ‘please think of the children, for the love of god won’t someone think of the children’

Please note that this disease is contagious and too much listening to a person suffering from AHDS can cause the disease to spread.

That was utter genius and i think it deserves a lmao,well done sir:D

Oh Jan 30,why that’s tomorrow.

Although we already know that the discussion will last 2 seconds with DDA telling him to get his tower and shove it up his arse. lol

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