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@jdivision wrote:

except for Shelbourne Road the buildings all around it are high too: Carrisbrook House, Lansdowne House, Hume House

I’m talking about opposing street frontages, particularly on Lansdowne Road. The heights of the existing hotels on site are not particularly relevant to the debate on whether you should get planning permission for the same or greater height right out at the street boundary, because the existing structures are set so far back and are so well screened.

The office blocks you refer to are still the exception, the intrusion in the streetscape, and they shouldn’t be elevated, in my opinion, to the status of the accepted ideal. These 1970s blocks were put in at a time when we weren’t as smart as we’re supposed to be now.

I’m not arguing against urban scale here, I just pointing out that urban scale can be achieved by a development that has all the good things in it that this one has, but is just a couple of notches down in scale.

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