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It almost reassuring pvc to know that everything is so well ordered. These guys should be put in charge of the weather and sport.

Recently, though, I have found Bord Pleanala to be a bit unpredictable. If they get the ABP inspector who did the report on the recent Pearse Street / Sandwith St. TCD block, they could end up getting everthing they applied for, including the two floors of B,C & D that DCC took off them!

In a case, a couple of years ago, I took my own €200 and had a go at one of these major urban centre applications. I was in favour of the overall scheme, but there were 5 or 6 aspects that I believed should have been addressed differently. It turned out there were no other appeals, or possibly just one other third party, saying something about there being not much community gain, or somerthing.

The ABP inspector acknowledged the appeals in one sentence and then went off on a total rant, condemning the entire scheme from top to bottom. Not surprisingly the Bord threw out his report, proably called the Eastern Health Board to take the guy away, and rubber stamped the scheme after taking off one of the blocks that nobody had objected to.

I’d have got better value out of my €200 if I’d have rolled it up a set fire to it.

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