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@gunter wrote:

If this was the assessment, there is actually no reason to refuse permission for it! A couple of well worded conditions could have tweaked it a bit and trimmed it down a fraction.

To me, the report reads like they’ve tried to write the script for a two act play. They want it all, but they feel they should leave something for Bord Pleanala to deliver, in the second act.

That is always the way the larger cases work; as was put to us by our planning lecturer who was no stranger to planning battles it works something along the lines of a developer wants an 8 story building so he applies for 14 storeys the planning authority gives 12 and the bord give 8. That way the local authority look pro development by giving close to the full consent and make the local representatives look great as they have to spend their own money taking it to the Bord.

The oral hearing on this will be great entertainment!

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