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I only heard a bit of the Dunne interview with Marian and it seemed like it was largely human interest, rags to riches stuff. I did hear him say, as a starting point to the discussion on his proposal, that the Jurys site is the centre of Ballsbridge, and it seemed to be his contention that the justification for what he was proposing was grounded in that contention. I don’t agree with him there. It’s pretty clear to me that the stretch between the embassy and the RDS, the location of the convergence of several streets, the intersection with the river, that’s the centre of Ballsbridge, so he’s a couple of hundred metres off the mark there.

All the glowing stuff in the presentation, which is gobbled up and repeated in the planners report, all of that stuff would still apply if the development was 30% smaller. You can achieve excellent urban scale with 5 – 6 storey development, and a quality landmark structure with something 15 to 20 storeys high.

As I said before, this development isn’t a million miles away from being brilliant, the mix is good, the design is ambitious, the new streets are a massive public gain, it just that the overall scale is excessive.

It’s because the overall scale is excessive, that the relationships to the rest of the area are so jarring. At the end of the day these buildings aren’t opera houses, they’re not civic buildings, they’re just more of what the area has already, apartments, embassies, offices. The justification for mega-scale isn’t there and if it’s allowed, it’s going to create an imbalance and a precedent that is the opposite of good planning, in my opinion.

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