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The current site is covered in useless buildings and I am struggling to think of any large buildings in Ballsbridge worth protecting -Maybe the RDS

I am sure you do, but no city can declare a village when it is less than 2 miles from the city centre.

I don’t think anyone is advocating that the two hotels, or even less so the jumble of blocks on Shelbourne Road, are worth keeping as architecture.

The concept of the ‘urban village’, meaning an inner, or outer district of a city, distinct from the main core, but having both an umbilical link to the parent core, and many of the attributes of a urban centre in it’s own right, is very common in many of the most ‘livable’ cities worldwide. Where the ‘Urban Village’ ideal works best is where the particular character of the district is clearly identified and imaginatively worked into the proposals for intensification of the district. That’s the bit that doesn’t seem to happen here.

The Local Area Plans never seem to be imaginative enough to, either get the locals engaged with them, or visionary enough to get the developers interested, so they just end up being more background noise to the ensuing faction fight that is the planning process in this country.

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