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“Goneill -I doubt if standing on baggot street bridge you could see any tall building on the Jurys site – defo not one of this height, one of the main pictures released was looking down baggot street towards Jurys!”

Which one was the one “looking down Baggot Street” ? Could I see it again, because I have genuinely missed it if it is on this thread or at the exhibtion. Why did they use a view looking doen Baggot Street, if, as you suggest ,the tower would not be visible from the bridge.

“The current site is covered in useless buildings and I am struggling to think of any large buildings in Ballsbridge worth protecting -Maybe the RDS”

Some people think the US embassey is quite good, though it may be technically in Washington DC, not Ballsbridge. The original Jury’s building, the Intercontinental as it was called, was actually quite a good 1960s building, but I agree it’s not woth saving now. Howver I didn’t mention “large” in the context of Protected Structures. Pretty well all the houses on Pembroke Road, Raglan Road, Wellington Road, Northumberland Road, Lansdowne Road Clyde Road, Elgin Road, are PSs. So too, I presume, is Ballsbridge town hall, and quite possibly the terraces containing the Post Office, Sherry FitzGerald, Rolys, Mary Mac’s and the houses on Pembroke Road oposite the US embasy and Ballsbridge Terrace

“They may prefer to live in Clonskeagh but the whole point is that the city cannot accomodate this wanting to live in 3 -4 bed semi’s.”

So how is the developer going to force families to live in this high rise?

Some of us who live around here think its actually quite pleasant, particularly at weekends.

“I am sure you do, but no city can declare a village when it is less than 2 miles from the city centre.”
There are plenty of urban quarters with village-like qualities.

“Get a grip -anybody can have an opinion and that is what this site reflects.”

You are abolutely right.

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