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I live in the centre of this so called village, have done for last 8 years. In my opinion Ballsbridge is a no more than an office district with a residential element. Neither of the two shops even reach the standard of convenience store, both mainly exist to serve the office workers, its just lucky that locals can buy a paper in the morning. The existence of the RDS and Lansdowne is the only reason that 4 (3 if you consider Mary Macs and Cullens to be the one…) pubs can survive in the area. I think its nice that the area quietens down after 6pm, though doubtless others would disagree. My grandmother talks about how there used to be a butchers (maybe 2, i never listen!) in the block where the Spar is. These days local facilities like that dont exist, nor do they in Donnybrook. Its either Ranelagh, Sandymount or Ringsend. This is obviously due to the low density residential nature of the area. Whether or not the development of the block, all parts not just Jurys, would change this is in question. Ranelagh has survived as a suburban village because of its lack of offices, as has Sandymount. Maybe a load of new residences will change the balance of power away from the offices and back to residents, on the other hand maybe the whole block should just be made into offices and the existing residents will survive travelling to the shops.

In answer to Jimg, the area is not an idyllic suburban village, it is more like a rural enclave (with offices!) where the residents have to travel for supplies.

I think it is very possible that the new urban quarter would become an entity of its own, with little interaction between it and the existing area. There would be little reason for existing residents to wander down its streets, unless they want a specific cappucino from a specific cafe. Other than to visit Herbert Park, there would be little reason for the new residents to interact with the existing locale, without a supermarket they will also be travelling to shop. The RDS and Lansdowne will keep the existing pubs going, there will still be an influx of office workers each day, who will cause a mini rush hour through the new development as they walk to and from the DART.
I’m not against the development per se, I think the 37 storey tower is magnificent and would love to see it built, but i’m not sure it will bring all the social benefits to Ballsbridge that the developers want us to think it will.

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