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@goneill wrote:

Which companies were those jdivision? And what facilities were lacking compared with, for example, the IFSC, Citywest, Sandyford Industrial Estate?.

CBRE is one of them, I won’t name the rest. If you talk to office agents around town they will also confirm that Ballsbridge is no longer being seen as CBD territory

@goneill wrote:

If the tower would look so good, why didn’t the applicant make views of it from Baggot Street Bridge, or the Waterloo Road/Pembroke Road junction available in any of his numerous press releases or the public exhibition? I assume such views were included with the actual application or requested as AI, but they seem very shy about them. I don’t count the night-time view.

At what point did I discuss the tower? I was mainly talking about the retail and leisure element, all of which was approved.

@goneill wrote:

Surely the council would be better trying to consolidate retail and wholesale activity in the inner city. Retail streets like Dorset Steet, Capel Street, George’s Street/Camden Street would be good places to start. Instead, the council’s policies enourages indigenous business migration to the M50, and its replacement with “town centres” full of British High Street chainstores.

That’s your opinion. If you read the objections there are very few complaints made about the retail. Far more are in favour of it.

@goneill wrote:

There is also something a little bit surprising about the huge degree of support alleged for the project. I doubt if major infrastructural projects like Croke Park and Lansdowne Road which were resisted by locals, but which presumably had thousands of supporters among those sports’ members, attracted more than a handful of letters of support. Maybe I’m wrong, but I cannot imagine what prompted so many hundreds of people to write in supporting this scheme.

Most of them are mates of Dunners or his wife or people who have something to gain from it being given the go-ahead. Builders, mech eng contractors etc.

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