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being parachuted into a mature 19th century suburban/village setting

Over the years I’ve worked on Pembrook Rd for a couple of years, Shelbourne Rd for a year and Merrion Rd for four years; I don’t know where the idea that Ballsbridge is some sort of idyllic suburban village comes from. Ballsbridge is practically unihabited which is reflected by the fact that practically everything (pubs, shops, cafes and restaurants) either shuts or barely operates outside of the cycles dictated by office hours. It’s spookily dead in the area on non-working days. Sometimes I had to go to the office on Saturdays and Ballsbridge was like a desert; you had walk to Sandmount to get a paper and a cup of coffee. The only thing in Ballsbridge was fast moving traffic passing through.

In terms of architecture, there are some beautiful Georgian and later streetscapes outside the perimeter of Ballsbridge proper but it’s impossible to ignore the dross in Ballsbridge itself; for example, the site in question (except for a section of Lansdowne Rd) is surrounded by very non-descript or even arguably ugly architecture. The fact that Merrion Rd and Shelbourne Rd are major traffic arteries doesn’t help the transient feel to the whole place.

If Walace was proposing this scheme, I suspect there’d be legions supporting the vision behind the attempt to create an urban quarter.

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