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@henno wrote:

without knowing exactly what the council have granted and what they have refused, but doesnt the theory of a ‘part grant’ to a development really undermine the architectural integrity of the whole concept and design???

should the council refuse the whole lot if they are not happy with the proposed design density etc of the development, rather than the “you can have a, b + c, but not x, y + z”…..???
the development should be considered as a whole rather than a series of individual elements….

Unfortuately very few schemes aspire to the level of artistic purity that would justify the stance you suggest. Most major schemes are an assembly of parts, which could equally successfully, or unsuccessfully as the case may be, be re-assembled any number of ways.

The ingenuity shown in the conditions, if there is any, may reveal whether this is the planning office at their best, or just the planning office going through the motions in the knowledge that the real decision will be made elsewhere.

It’s tempting to get all worked up about this, but at the end of the day, this is only Ballsbridge, and without wishing to cause undue offence to the over-privileged, whatever happens here, it’s not going to make or break Dublin.

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