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Developer granted partial planning permission

Saturday, 8 March 2008 19:28
Sean Dunne has been granted planning permission for a portion of the development plan he had proposed for the Ballsbridge area of Dublin.

But Mr Dunne says he’ll be appealing the decision, which sees a big reduction in the size of the development he had sought.

Objectors have complained that they have not yet been informed about the permission being granted.

The original plan for the Ballsbridge site, that had housed the Jury’s and Berklely Court hotels, included a diamond-shaped 37 storey tower which was over a hundred and thirty metres tall.

The Tower would have included apartments, offices, shops and a hotel, as well as an embassy building and theatres.

Residents in the area had argued that to let the 37 storey hi-rise go ahead would be to make a mockery of the planning process.

But today Mr. Dunne issued a statement saying he’s been granted planning permission for six of the eight buildings applied for.

In a split decision Dublin City Council did not grant permission to build either the 37-storey Tower or a proposed office block, but allowed instead for the building of an 18-storey building fronting onto the Shelbourne Road.

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