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Partial permission granted for Ballsbridge plan

Dublin City Council has granted permission to Sean Dunne’s Mountbrook company to proceed with a redevelopment of the famous Jury’s-Berkeley Court site in Ballsbridge.

The plan includes an 18-storey building to be positioned in front of the Shelbourne Hotel.:confused:

Despite the green light, the council has hesitated to give the go-ahead to the strongly opposed 37-storey tower and office block included in the application.

Mr Dunne is now appealing the decision to An Bord Pleanála, claiming the tower is an integral part of the ambitious multi-million euro development.

Construction on the site will not commence until the outcome of the appeal is known, meaning the two D4 hotels now operating at the site will remain open for the foreseeable future.

Strange and amusingly inaccurate story. I like how it mentions that Dunner is appealling due to the apparent omission of the tower (at this stage I don’t know what the decision ACTUALLY is – It’s probably subject to some dubious convoluted condition) but fails to mention that there’ll probably another 80 appeals against the decision to grant at all! Too little info at this stage to comment really

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