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Ha Ha your a bit of a lunatic:D
ireland has one of the worlds lowest crime and murder rates ,
so in a way it is kind of utopian:p but you would never think that reading or watching the news

European Union International Crime Survey 2005
In 2004 levels of crime were most elevated in Ireland, United Kingdom, Estonia, The
Netherlands and Denmark and lowest in Spain, Hungary, Portugal and Finland.
Risks to be assaulted were found to be highest in the United Kingdom, Ireland the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark.
Experiences with sexual violence were reported most often by women in Ireland,
Sweden, Germany and Austria and least often in Hungary, Spain, France and
Key findings indicate that the levels of common crimes such as burglaries, thefts,
robberies and assaults have over the past ten years decreased significantly everywhere
in the Union with the exception of Ireland and possibly Belgium.
The UK was the only EU country to top Ireland in this study.. is that why we had Union Jacks and tricolours in the stadium on the 3d visulaisation……

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