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A good week for publicity-wise! Quotes in the Post:

Sunday Business Post 2 Sept

Bland or ballsy?
02 September 2007 By Ian Kehoe
Sean Dunne’s planned 37storey tower in Ballsbridge has received mixed reviews.

Some users of, a popular architecture website, described it as bland, and suggested it resembled a building that would have served as a typical corporate headquarters in the United States in the 1980s.

‘‘This is too high for the site; buildings of this size should be confined solely to the docklands,” wrote one user.

Others were more positive. ‘‘The angles are interesting without being fiddly, the scale is impressive, and the location seems ideal for a large tower, standing by those big wide streets at the corner of a huge site, near the city, by the business district, rising up out a streetscape of handsome terraces,” said one contributor.

‘‘Fair play to Dunne,” said another. ‘‘It’s a ballsy move.

‘‘It’s a very well-thought-out venture that puts the ball firmly in DCC’s [Dublin City Council] court.”

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