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@jdivision wrote:

The Irish Times has consistently got planning related stories wrong as well, why no mention of them. Witness The Gasworks and Ballsbridge amongst others. Or the fact it said that Ray Grehan’s scheme was due for decision last week when it was due this week.

Completely agree with you jdivision, particularly on Dublin-related planning stories – the quality of such coverage by the IT has plummeted in recent years – as I have noted on other threads, such as the bikes-for-billboards thread. There was a time when the IT was at the forefront of analytical reportage on such matters, but not anymore – which is a shame as it is supposed to be the country’s leading daily broadsheet. Unfortunately these days, their coverage regarding Dublin all too often resembles a pr release by DCC. And they get it wrong – note how Olivia Kelly last year reported how DCC had adopted new apartment specs, when actually they were only putting them out to consultation.

@jdivision wrote:

another point to be borne in mind in terms of coverage of residential property is that newspapers can be sued if a review devalues a house.

Again I agree with you, and am only too aware as to how restrictive the Irish libel laws are.

@jdivision wrote:

Newspapers have no obligation to be impartial. INM nails its colours to the mast, I don’t agree with it but they don’t try to do it covertly

I disagree with you on the first part of this, but I note that you subsequently added that you think that this direction is negative.

@jdivision wrote:

And no I don’t work for them

Dont worry jdivision, I would give you more credit than that 🙂

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