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@alonso wrote:

Whilst trundling past Elm Park in Booterstown today I thought back to the piece in the IT last week. Although it was mainly about the environmental elements of the scheme, it was nothing more than a gushing PR fluff piece. Any appraisal of that scheme has to ask serious questions about visual impact and aestheitc quality. It seems even the paper of record can be guilty of the same thing sometimes

Alonso, another point to be borne in mind in terms of coverage of residential property is that newspapers can be sued if a review devalues a house. I posted this on another forum and attracted a deal of ridicule when I pointed it out. However, I am aware of one case at least where another – and far more positive – review of the same house was run a few weeks later due to a legal action taken by the vendor. The paper’s advice was that they would lose if it went to court afaik. That should probably be borne in mind in all such reviews etc but obviously some stuff is too gushing. I think all newspapers are guilty of it on occasion

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