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@jdivision wrote:

The Irish Times has consistently got planning related stories wrong as well, why no mention of them. Witness The Gasworks and Ballsbridge amongst others. Or the fact it said that Ray Grehan’s scheme was due for decision last week when it was due this week.
Newspapers have no obligation to be impartial. INM nails its colours to the mast, I don’t agree with it but they don’t try to do it covertly
And no I don’t work for them

Surely when “reporting” the “news” there should be impartiality. Tell us what happened – the facts. What the Sindo and others do is they present opinion features as news when they are not. Agendas are for editorials and features not the front pages where newspapers certainly do have an obligation to be impartial in my opinion. I have never read an article like the one above in the IT. On any issue.

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