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I hope this gets the go ahead.
It’s a much better looking design than most of the other tall buildings proposed for Dublin.

I think a lot of the complaints of it dominating the area are unfounded.
It’s set a fair bit back from the main part of Ballsbridge. You’d hardly notice it, unless you were in the complex.
The setback, and smaller surrounding buildings is the key.
About 200m down the road from where I live in London, is a horrible concrete tower block, about 20 stories high, in an area otherwise mainly 3/4 storey terraced houses.
It’s set back about 20m from the road, with a 3 storey terrace of shops in front of it, facing the street.
And I must say, i passed it nearly every day for a month before I even noticed it. Unless you’re really near it, you can’t even see it.
If anyone proposes a building over 5 storeys in Dublin. Everyone automatically assumes it’s going to dominate an area.
Perhaps bad memories of Liberty hall, which is not set back, and is located beside the liffey, with a large open space beside it, making it clearly visible from all around. Had it been built a few hundred metres inland, surrounded by buildings, it would not be nearly as prominent.

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