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@Morlan wrote:

Dunne knows the score all too well:

1. Propose obscene tower
2. Tower rejected and reduced to max 16 stories.
3. Dunne makes maximum profit from the site

Honestly, guys. :rolleyes:


I was talking to someone recently and realised that almost all of the debate on this development concerns the tower, whether in the various media or on this site, when in fact the tower is not the worst part by a long shot. Has anyone actually looked at the design quality of the rest of the development? It’s architecture of the most bland, boring variety imaginable, but because everyone’s getting their knickers in a twist over the tall bit there’s every chance the rest of the muck will sail through with minimal objection.

For the record, today’s the last day to observe/object. Might see some of you at the planning counter later, eh?

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