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@archipig wrote:

………………. Whats the point of having an ice rink?

The same could be said for any activity, whats the point in a park or football field?
Really what will knocking off a few floors really achieve?? Keep anti high rise brigade happy?
Honestly i think having highrise buildings, 30+floors, properly situated properly served with transport,blah blah blah….. do add an air of excitement to a city(especially at night),they give it an edge if you will!

I really think this is a fantastic project on a large parcel of land perfectly able to soak up the density
Mass transit on your doorstep, it really could not be better.
Most of Dunnes letter made complete sense

With the new landsdowne under way in ten years this could become another exciting part of the city, Ballsbridge residents, as powerfull and connected as they are, can take one for the team

What a way to expand the city centre, a stones throw from o, connell st (a mile and a half or so) and less than a mile from the Point i think.

P.S can this be merged with the original thread ‘Dunne versus the nimbys’

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