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Nice one Mick!

My sentiments exactly. It’s not a popular view to suggest that by kicking the emigrants out of the country we would help the housing problem, but fair dues to you for making it. Many of the posters on here are too cowardly – dare I say moral – to even contemplate “alternative” answers to the housing dilemma.

The fact that you don’t even live in Dublin and don’t have to deal with anything more than a 5 minute commute has probably allowed you to sidestep the accepted “wisdom” of society (both in planning and humanitarian terms) and the “thinking inside the box” that has dominated our popular debate.

We’re not the first society where the rich developers / financiers have been subverting democracy, and we need a strong man like you to stand up to them. I would go so far as to suggest that yours could be described as a final solution to the housing issue.

Bravo! 🙁

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