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The newly-painted cast iron columns look magnificent in bright and playful fire engine red.

While various pieces of cornice/guttering are arranged on the ground awaiting erection.

Surely that granite gutter a few pics up can be diverted away from such an important area. What is the obsession with gutters in the middle of pavements in this city?! Why can’t surfaces slope down to the road?

All in all though it looks like a great job. Now the icing on the cake would be a decent reinstatement of sash windows to the left facade – this meagre cost would make for an enormously positive contribution to the theatre facade and wider streetscape.

In a way the modest facade is the most characteristic feature of this institution: it follows the Georgian tradition of plain facade treatment with an architectural flourish only permitted about the doorcase – in this instance the canopy – while concealing a riot of internal decoration and plaster contrivance, as with many of the music halls of English and Irish cities in the 18th and 19th centuries. Restoring the facade to a venerable condition would do much to heighten this effect, even if the neighbouring building would appear to be a later acquisition. Hopefully its shopfront will also be receiving some sympathetic treatment.

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