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Its a very ambitious reconstruction of the original shopfront. The detailing is lovely and its very interesting to see the engineering behind the front, which is all currently exposed.

I wonder at the wisdom of this however. Normally I would welcome this return to quality…such an antidote from the assorted plastic crap that goes for modern shopfronts.

However, this feels a little strange. The proportions are odd when one stands in front of the finished product. The entrance is quite narrow and I wait to see whether fenestration and doors make its look pokey.

Its very laudable for the owner to undertake this work. The sash windows about are stunning and the building has been transformed by the painting and cleaning.

However, the proposed use is a Yogurt Bar, and I half wonder whether this glamorous shopfront will suit such a use.

Hopefully it all works out. The fitout continues and I will post an image of the finish development.

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