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Well lets not count our chickens just yet Graham. This is the terrace today:

A couple of things to note. The big canvas advertising that went up in the last couple of days on the front to add to Nokia et al. The shocking pink shopfront of the new sew and mend business that opened last week (with no planning permission for shopfront changes). The refurbished shopfront of the former Elverys/then newsagent/now Max cafe.

Suffice to say, I think you’ll be waiting a while for your coordinated rusticated granite shopfronts along the full terrace.

The planning decision is messy. I reckon the condition that mentions the replicated Georgian shopfront to No. 34 is a cut and paste error by the planner. It may well be clarified in the Final Grant.

I think you overstate the significance of improving this terrace. It would be welcome to improve the terrace certainly, but as the humble postcard is in demise, I think its unlikely to radically alter people’s perceptions of our fine city.

Across the way, the new currency converters in 1 O’Connell Street has put up new signage – without planning.

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