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The shutters roll down from behind the original fascia, where one can see the original awnings also neatly incorporated! A remarkable feat of design.

The shutters in operation in November 1923.

Of course we’d want open-mesh located inside the shop today ; )

The metal fixings for all of the awnings still survive.

Quirky carved detail to the windows also.

Personally, I’m in a permanent state of two minds on awnings. Yes they’re classy, yes they’re picturesque, but architectural they are not. On a large building with a plain shop front they can work extremely well, but on a small scale where clutter can be easily generated on a street, little beats a dash of confident shop front design, as seen at No. 1. Why interfere with such a carefully contrived composition – it’s akin to tossing a throw over a good sofa to ‘protect’ it: neither having the confidence nor the will to use and keep on show what is good and of quality.

Irish Nationwide have now moved out. Another fine feature of the shop unit is its original Adamesque ceiling which survives perfectly intact, and finally on fully show now the stud partitions have mostly come down.

One of the many Edwardian style ceilings installed in O’Connell Street shops in the reconstructions, that while somewhat clunky in their use of hybrid motifs, display a charming Georgian revival style executed by the dying breed of plaster craftsmen of early 20th century Dublin.

Some plaster medallions and garlands to the walls also, which no doubt were strategically positioned above glazed display cabinets. Much of the plasterwork in the shop is in need of careful stripping of multiple layers of paint.

The clock frozen in time.

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