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I see Percy Nominees, a subsidary of AIB, are lodging the application. It will be interesting to see the details of what is proposed – certainly No. 32-33 Henry Street is of early vintage, but goodness knows what’s behind that facade.

Fine pictures of Spain (?) Stephen – they really sell the concept of a high quality public realm. And not a HEINEKEN brolly to be seen! It really isn’t rocket science. Beautiful, simple planting too.

Yes the Londis store pictured above got ‘sorted’ Morlan by an amalgamation with the adjoining unit to form in effect yet another fast food café. But of course within hours of the shopfront being finished, which incidentally was not completed in compliance with submitted drawings in terms of materials (cheaper granite instead of approved limestone) or lighting (a rank of floodlights tacked above the fascia), postering went up all over the windows and display stands were pushed out onto the pavement – all in contravention of the planning permission. And it’s been like this for the past year. The Spar at the upper end of the street has identical standards of presentation – also in contravention of its permission, never mind ACA and ASPC provisions.

In other news, McDonald’s on O’Connell Street Lower are having their mixumgatherum red brick facade cleaned by Interclean, which is welcome. I don’t think there are any plans to replace the shopfront though. Burger King next door has just undergone a remarkable ten-day or so refurbishment of their ground floor. Nothing like stalled turnover on a busy street to light a fire under contractors! The new fit-out is cool from a distance, but sadly gawdawfully cheap and somewhat incoherent up close. It should have aspired for better at this location – they could attract a much broader daytime clientele if they made a classier effort. Especially with that stunning first floor level – the best munching view in Dublin.

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