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I noticed last night while walking through town that the large “Baileys” neon sign on Batchelors Walk was being replaced. I couldn’t see the new brand but its not Baileys. The lighting is now blue.

So, being curious I checked to see if a site notice was in place. No. I checked the planning register to see if an application had been made and permission granted for what are works to a protected structure, in an ACA and a Special Area of Conservation and works which would generally require planning permission in any event (unless I am mistaken). No permission in place.

Now, if I am not further mistaken, it is an objective of Dublin City Council to seek the removal of all the neon signage on Batchelors Walk under the O’Connell Street ACA and SPC schemes. To date this has never been acted on…as with so many of the ACA objectives. It would seem that this is a perfect time to hit the owners of this signage with an enforcement notice to have them remove the sign fully given that they havent applied for permission.

Any thoughts? Is it worth a letter to Planning Enforcement.

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