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Exactly two years since installation, it is disappointing to observe Ulster Bank’s so-called ‘fit and forget’ LED lighting scheme falling apart.

A rather unflattering short exposure is required to demonstrate the on-street effect.

No less that ten different LED strips, and what is probably a Decoflood uplighter, are blown, flickering or otherwise unoperational. Indeed, most of these have been like this since last summer – barely 18 months after erection.

A real shame. LED lighting isn’t all it’s claimed to be when weather, bad connections or faulty units are factored into the equation.

By contrast, it should be noted the GPO’s LED scheme is holding up fully intact, without a single unit blown in over two years, which is both impressive and encouraging. Still, a pity its pediment and statue lighting is so commercial and trashy – I wish they’d blow and give the building back some dignity. Also, I’m almost sure the remarkably intrusive pediment strip, as with the rest of the building’s lighting, has no planning permission – seemingly erected under exempted development.

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