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a boyle

@Thomond Park wrote:

Sorry to pass your post Philip,

Aboyle I suggest that you have the attitude of an EMU whereby you bury your head in the sand as hard earned tax receipts are squandered.

As you have previously accepted the Red Cow is being put on concrete stilts and if it is functioning so well why is this being done?

Yet again the taxpayer gets fleeced

I am not sure that i said that the lulu is going on stilts ,because it is not . It is the rest of the junction that is changing. Could you pehaps identify which choices made by the rpa have squandered our money ? could you put a rough estimate on the cost of each mistake made by the rpa ( mistakes made by the transport minister don’t count )

Even allowing for ( a “huge” squander ) how is something that is more popular than expected , and making money within 12 months of operation a failure ? to have missed something somewhere

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