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samuel j wrote:
Even putting aside the vandalism planned for the Re-ordering of St. Colman&#8217]

Iconoclasm on the slow burner. This is indeed the case and it is calculated to leach ever shred of reverence for God’s house out of the faithful – especially the young who are given every principle of irreverence to imbibe by such appaling neglect.

But, this tactic is well known and documented. In a book published by the Camden Society in 1845,The Churches of Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely we are told that at Cherry Hinton “the north Aisle is blocked off, and irreverently used a dust-hole and rubblish depositary- an idle and unseemly custom, very common in the churches in the neighbourhood of Cambridge“.

In Cobh, the iconoclasts have turned the Lady Chapel into a dust hole and repositary for benches, seats, chairs and any other sundry pieces of handily available rubbish while the baptistery is exposed to any thug who wants to lift the marble from its rail – or for that matter dig holes in the floor of the Cathedral in the dead of night.

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