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And here we have a prime candidate for the title of arch-vandal when it comes to the case of the attempted iconoclastic wreckage of St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, Co. Cork.

Denis Reidy, parish priest of Carrigtwohill, and the real Poltergeist of the Cathedral wreck scheme – and I use the term in its original sense of a spirit moving inanimate objects. From behind the scenes he has moved a series of inanimate objects not only to recommend but also to champion the lunatic plan proposed by Professor Cathal O’Neill for the superb revivalist interior in Cobh. Reidy is not only overall co-ordinator of the Cobh Cathedral project but also a member of the Cathedral Restoration Committee, the Briefing Committee that “recommended” the wreckage of the Cathedral interior, the Art and Architecture Committee convoked to “rubber stamp” the wreckage (and I cannot understand what qualifies Reidy for this committee since he knows nothing about art and even less about architecture), the St. Colman’s Roman Catholic Trust which has been collecting money under charitable pretences for the “restoration” of the Cathedral but has been disbursing them for that purpose, and to add to it all Reidy is a member of that highly eruidite body the Cloyne Historic Churches Committee (aka the HACK) which happily gave an unanimous vote of approval to the proposed wreckage of Cobh Cathedral when proposed by one Alex White and seconded by the Geist himself Reidy.

Reidy’s most offensive act was to enter St. Colman’s Cathedral in the dead of night and totally oblivious to the sacrednessness of the building proceeded to dig test holes in the floor of the sanctuary with two rude mechanics in a fashion that would probably have been highly approved by Will Dowsing. Needless to say, Reidy had no planning permission for such an act and his friends in the Cobh Urban District Council declined to prosecute him for his vandalism – lest it be seen that they might discourage would be vandals in Cobh!

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