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@ake wrote:

Well, take for example soeur Marie Keyrouz, chant byzantin- was that music performed by a woman or a eunuch!
Or what about, say Handel’s latin music, like his saeviat tellus etc, of course performed by women today, but was it written for castrato or were there women singing this in churches?

If I am not mistaken the Carmelite Vsepers were commissioned from Handel by Cardinal Colonna in 1707 and the Saeviat tellus was sung by a soprano at its first performance for the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (16 July) in the Montesanto.

Clearly, in convents bound to the office, it would have been the norm to have them sung by the nuns – and by the orphans they often cared for as in the Ospedaletto in Venice which had very notable female musical tradition.

Knowledge of chant byzantin rather limited!

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