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Well at least there is consistency in what is happening – even if it is completely contrary to what is officially uttered. I quote a thread I started in 2007:

@hutton wrote:

Dublin: Corner of Bridgefoot St and Ushers Island; 4 floor Georgian left derelict with billboards on the facade. There last week and for 200 years previously – now a derelict site. Needless to say a Conservation Area, although the building itself was not specifically listed on the RPS. Will there be action by DCC – what odds?

Taken from the thread “Theyre at it again – A Georgian goes on the quays / Endangered Georgian Dublin” –

Images of what was cleared, a perfectly good building blighted by unauthorised billboards:

@Sloan wrote:

There is more information on the planning application for Nos. 1 and 2 Usher’s Island (now demolished) on this thread starting on 11 Nov 2005 Post No. 11

Needless to say the intended replacement scheme was never built – and a derelict site now sits at a key corner on the quays…

Apart from the above, and the recent un-development on Abbey Street, I also noticed that another corner house formerly at North Circular Road / Russell Street was demolished one weekend in January 2008, apparently on the grounds of safety.

And of course then there was row about 12 Dorset Street back in 2007 / 8 where DCC, fully in the belief that the house was the birthplace of the playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan, waved on an application that sought to demolish that listed Georgian house. Fortunately An Bord P shot down DCC’s consent, and subsequently the developer made a new application to reinstate that building – despite it emerging that it actually didn’t have the connection with Brinsley Sheridan!

Meanwhile late last year, the last remaining building that stood on Hammond Lane at the side of the former match factory site, off Church Street, was also demolished. Georgian in appearance, I am sure its removal eliminates a last nuisance that was in the way of redevelopment – yet as that massive site has remained completely cleared and vacant for 15 years, how likely is it that it will be redeveloped any time soon, particularly now given the lack of demand?

So is there a trend here, and if so, where’s next?

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