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@aj wrote:

Given the state of the North Georgian core of the city and the fact that owners are allowed to let fine buildings fall into disrepair something needs to be done in order to force the owners hand.

I would agree with that, but I think we need to look beyond the core as well.

With the floated UNESCO World Heritage designation for the ‘Georgian Core’, I get the feeling that there is a subconscious movement afoot to ring-fence Dublin’s Georgian heritage to just the areas in the immediate vicinity of the four squares, possibly to the detriment of conserving 18th century structures outside these protected zones.

Part of the remarkable story of 18th century Dublin was the sheer scale of the city and with the effective loss of the Quays as a representative of the breadth of the Georgian city, together with streets like Blackhall Street and Rutland Street, this part of the story has been considerably eroded.

A case in point would be these houses at 141 – 144 Abbey Street.

I’d like to claim these as ‘Billys’, but for the purposes of this discussion we’ll just call them Georgian.

All are in perilous condition, none are protected structures, yet they are surviving structures from within the ‘core’ of the 18th century city, if now some distance from what would be regarded as ‘the Georgian core’.

The corner buildings have lost their top storey and are held together by steel ties, but, as corner buildings with frontage to both Upper abbey Street and Wolf Tone Street (Stafford St.), they could be particularly interesting inside and very worthy of restoration. Both no. 143 and no. 144 (Ed’s Barbers) have corner fireplaces and look like former Billys, or at least early transitional Georgian houses, and no. 143 (even though the facade must have been rebuilt in the 19th century) has a Billy style full height return.

I’m not sure if the boundaries of the Capel Street ACA will include these houses.

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