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That announcement that Dublin was getting a UNESCO ‘City of Literature’ badge, was that on foot of Gormley’s application for World Heritage Site status for Dublin on the basis of our Georgian architecture and our literary heritage. i.e. that we were turned down on the architectural heritage grounds, or was it just a coincidence that the city of literature thing came through now? . . . and how the hell did Edinburgh get a ‘City of Literature’ badge ahead of us? Harry Potter isn’t even set in Edinburgh.

I see someone’s been doing their best to return Henrietta Street to something like Luke Gardiner’s original morbid vision:

A meticulous re-pointing job on no. 13 [the decision to highlight – London-style – the replacement 19th century orange brick window arches slightly reduces the severity] re-captures the blocky brooding menace 1740s Georgian.

I note however that the little bit of cheer provided by the original central rain water pipe [seen here still in place on no. 14] has been banished from the re-pointed facade.

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