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@StephenC wrote:

Back to the Abbey Street buildings, its worth pointing out that all the works to demolish were don in the absence of a planning permission. The last permission was deemed withdrawn after the applicant failed to respond to an FI request within the 6 month period.

Hmmm – that’s very interesting; might the owner have got DCC’s Dangerous Buildings section to move on it – and if so would that have required PP under the Act? Personally I doubt it as it as it would have been a health and safety “emergency”.

@gunter wrote:

The photo above was of course been the best bit of what appears a farce – a sign left for months that advised people to “please cross to the other side of the road” as it was a “Dangerous Building”…

If DCC’s Dangerous Buildings did acquiesce to the demolition of the above structures, it would be interesting to see their technical reports outlining the need, and also what if any alternatives were suggested by DCC as possible options that might have ensured the survival of said structures.

The plot thickens – what has DCC’s role been?

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