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The planning officer told me that since I had already applied and was rejected, then went ahead and carried out the work anyway, that I could not apply for retention.

I has since been told by another source that I could apply for retention, but that the application would be automatically rejected, however, once rejected I could then appeal, and maybe get it legalised in that way. Is this the case?

Another route suggested to me was to put everything back the way it was, and start the application process all over again.

My neighbours have had parking for years, I guess from way before planning in the area was any sort of issue.

I have had numerous cars stolen, and my car was burnt on the street in front of the house out on another occasion, and I could show this in court. In addition, the laneway rear access to most of the terrace is totally blocked by years of neglect, rubbish and totally overgrown. I have a strong argument that I have no rear access, so having front access allows me to do work on the house that would be otherwise very difficult.

Suggestions welcome, thanks for your comments

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