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@worried househo wrote:

Can I make an objection on these grounds, should I call in the Heritage officer from the County Council or even someone from a national body. Im very concerned please advise.

You are quite entitled to make a submission on the application within 5 weeks of its receipt by the Planning Authority. You will need to pay €20.00 and you should look up the Planning Authority website for details of when the application was received.

If your only concern is the foundations than you could point this out, and request a Condition be attached to any Permission requiring that a structural survey of your house be conducted prior to commencement of development, and again at the end, and that the applicant be responsible for any damage and restoration costs.You should also insist that any excavation is done in a manner which will have least potential impact on your foundations.

You really should look at the drawings as well – an elevated site close to your boundary could result in an overbearing building which would affect the setting of your house.

Best of luck.:)

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