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@zulutango wrote:

I’m not too keen on the the Dutch billys being recreated. I guess I don’t have much confidence in the powers that be to carry it off successfully. Their attempts in Castle Lane were pretty poor. In any case, the notion of re-creating old streetscapes is not a very sound one.

I think we should keep an open mind on that one and concentrate on assembling more information. Castle Lane wasn’t a reconstruction, as I understant it, it was a effort to create a tourist precinct using representative building types plucked from the records. What I’d be proposing for the Mary Street site [and only if deeper research supported it] would be a million miles away from what was attempted on Castle Lane.

@zulutango wrote:

I really think we should be preserving what we have and make the most of it, but contemporary architecture is the way forward otherwise.

I would agree with that, but I think there is space for both approaches in cases like Nicholas St/Mary Street, where the scale of what’s been lost to simple decay and dereliction will never be appreciated without making a real effort to restore the few short sections of streetscape where enough record survives. The bigger problem will be to develop a contemporary architectural language that is sensitive to the challenge of this kind of location, given where we’re starting from.

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