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Here another view of those two Dutch gables on Castle Lane.

Below the real thing, three Dutch gabled houses (1900) on Meat Market Lane, off Sheep Street. (See Mary Street map above).

Larger image

@zulutango wrote:

. . . . . Their attempts in Castle Lane were pretty poor. In any case, the notion of re-creating old streetscapes is not a very sound one. I really think we should be preserving what we have and make the most of it, . . . . .

I think Gunter’s suggestion that the owners should agree to open their doors to an architectural survey to see what is there, as the right way to start.

The old images uploaded here should give one a good idea as to how the area once looked like.

Is it not a bit premature to start dismissing ideas or talk about funding, are we still not in the brainstorming phase?

@zulutango wrote:

. . . . . but contemporary architecture is the way forward . . . . .

These could be an interesting alternative for Mary Street from the City of Bremen (Image Gunter).

Were there any ideas suggested at that meeting?

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