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While the exhibits aren’t too comprehensive on each project – some show only a single photo, there are a couple of good presentations there. It is the kind of exhibition, you could spend 15 minutes looking at now and go back again later for a second 15 minutes.

This is because the projects from all over the world on display, all have very striking concepts behind them. Which a single photographic view doesn’t do justice at all. You would probably need a whole lecture for an hour on each individual project. I guess this is where the AAI started up, with its lectures and slides. What an exhibition can never cater for, the lecture picks up the slack.

What I find really interesting about this world architecture exhibition by the Institute, is the mere fact they printed a post card in large quantities. I stumbled across this post card in a stack on the window on an art gallery in Temple Bar. Otherwise, I would never have known about this exhibition. I know the world has too many fliers and brochures etc, for everything these days. Everything is over marketed. But I think in this case, the marketing works. Because the exhibition space in the RIAI is so ‘off the beaten track’, that a flier you might per chance, pick up in Temple Bar is a very good way to broadcast.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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