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@notjim wrote:

Neds is going? How will people drink in the early morning?

Just a quick update on ‘Neds’ for anyone who gets a bit gittery around 7 in the morning.

The Planning application was withdrawn, apparantly four weeks ago, before we even noticed it was in! I only came across it because nobody had bothered to retrieve the scale model from the lobby of the planning office.

For the record, the full horrow of this abandoned development is still available to view at the planning counter. I recomment a viewing of the submitted photo-montage of the proposed development from the opposite corner of Townsend Street, in full colour, for anyone with a passing interest in the growing trend for ‘Iconic’ or ‘landmark’ blocks on random corner sites across the city. In view of the fact that the application was withdrawn, it probably wouldn’t be fair to post it up here.

Again, for the record, there was only one objection to this development, submitted by a local resident, and it was a model of controlled fury.

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