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I guess there is no central plan for this street – though the Liberties area here is undergoing a lot of change with the site on other side of the national school on the corner of the Coombe and Cork St. Relief Road recently cleared (I refuse to name this street by its official St Lukes Avenue until such a time that this is actually an avenue – living in Madrid, there are not too many avenues fronted by burnt out churches, derelict sites, blank walls dividing the street off from other local housing streets etc.).

So, is there a plan? I guess not. There should be! Its with great disappointment that I see one storey structures going up at the Coombe end of this street – I guess an extension for the school. Craziness! Also, this new developed excludes the very lower corner of the relief road – where there remains just the corner wall (with fine corner stones) of the previous building with fireplace still intact. What is happening here?

I don’t understand what they were at with that school, it can’t be what they had in mind.

As an ‘Avenue’, or even as a street, it has a long way to go.

O’D+T are doing a housing scheme near the Ardee Street end of the street that joins up with the yellow brick / green copper curved range completed a couple of years ago.

Further west on widened Cork Street itself towards the Dolphin’s barn end, the Reubens Street scheme, refered to earlier, comes into view.

I think it would be fair to say that the Reuben Street scheme has it’s good angles and it’s not so good angles. That’s a particular characteristic of the slab block high rise, but It certainly raises the bar, and it’s infinitely better than the shapeless mess on the opposite corner. It was also particularly brave of them not to resort to ‘Dolphin’s Barn’ brick.

Superior to Cino Zucchi! that might be going a bit far.

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