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What a hideous proposal! Talk about stealing the limelight. You want a quiet foil here – not an arrogant complex shouldering its way into the Castle grounds.

Slight correction to the earlier post regarding the pool – it was in fact by OPW, designed by Geoffrey Johnson in 1990.

His line of throught was: “It is appropriate that [the pool’s] design should follow the Renaissance percepts of symmetry and proportion observed in the neo-classical style of the State Apartments, of which the garden front forms a visual extension”.

All of the ‘carved’ features were to be of pre-cast reconstituted stone, including the pavilions, urns and central temple. The walls and paving were to be of cut stone, with 80’s heritage-style rubble facings to the pool. All at a cost of £1,025,000.

Provision was made in the estimate for the demolition of the Coach House at £23,000, and its re-erection elsewhere at a cost of £67,000.

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