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@Devin wrote:

Agree that that cladding is overused.

The George’s Street building (with Dunnes homewares in the ground floor) is a lesson in modern infill in a historic street and would stand up well anywhere in Europe. The integrity of the older buildings on George’s Street was retained in their refurbishment – no silly glass storeys on top and whole structures retained as against just facades. The whole scheme maintains a sense of the scale of the area.

Would it be your opinion, Devin, that the credit for the Dunnes scheme belongs, to a substantial degree, with DCC, or at least as much as it is due to the applicants? If so, that’s something you don’t get a chance to say very often.

While I agree with you that the Georges Street frontage is a good example of respectful, ordinary decent infill, I am not crazy about the corner with Stephen Street. The glass on glass curved creation here replaced one of the few articulate ‘Georgian’ corners in Dublin

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