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Missarchi, your posts are as ever obtuse to say the least.

@GrahamH wrote:

I think it easier (and ever so slightly more worthy) a proposal to drive the cars out of the Lower Yard and lock the gates, than demolish an early 18th century enclosure 🙂

The DCC Ship Street Plan envisages repaving along the line of the River Poddle, which runs under the road parallel with the State Apartments/Dubh Linn Garden and then swerving north under the Chapel Royal and along the proposed ‘street’ above, out the main gate. An exciting idea. However, how far the paving enters the Castle grounds from Little Ship Street I’m not sure. I think It’d be great to expose part of the brick tunnel and river with glass if possible too.

Perhaps – its a real shame that this city culverted so many of the watercourses, that otherwise should be a feature – Bradogue, Stein, Camac, Swan to name but a few. In particular the Poddle is a geat loss as it was so essential to Dublin as the primary source of drinking water and also as a source of energy, in terms of mills around the Dean St – Fumbally area. The observant smoocher will note the row of 4 large man holes on Dean St close to that well known pub, in which the Poddle flows 🙂

However, reopening such watercourses could be problematic in that they became primarily used for drain and waste water and so were notorious for noxious odours – the late Deirdre Kelly’s “Four Roads to Dublin” is quite inciteful in this regard, (particularly with regard to the Swan – where owners begged local authorities to culvert it in). The Poddle can of course be seen entering the liffey just downstream from the Clarance Hotel, and I regret to say the water looks almost as bad as that out of Galway taps…

The Poddle/ Liffey exit was of course used in the 80s by some enterprising sorts who wanted to gain nocturnal access to a bank in that area, though afaik they were not successful in their business transaction. Bloody bank charges :p

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