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Originally posted by alonso:
Can anyone enlighten me as to the purpose and direction of the above thread?

This thread can be anything you want it to be!

Heres some very important stuff I want you to see

Unusual duels
In 1808, two Frenchmen are said to have fought in balloons over Paris, each attempting to shoot and puncture the other’s balloon; one duelist is said to have been shot down and killed with his second.[1]

Thirty-five years later (1843), two men are said to have fought a duel by means of throwing billiard balls at each other.[1]

It is said (though not confirmed) that Otto von Bismarck challenged Rudolf Virchow to a duel. Virchow, as the challenged party had the choice of weapons; he chose two sausages, one of which had been inoculated with cholera. Bismarck is said to have called off the duel at once.[2]

Some participants in a duel, given the choice of weapons, are said to have deliberately chosen ridiculous weapons such as howitzers, sledgehammer, or forkfuls of pig dung, in order to show their disdain for duelling.[1]

Personally I’d love to talk about the influence of seventeenth century Italinanate landscape painting on the work of Julian Staneweski.


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