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@Paul Clerkin wrote:

The Swan was in Rathmines – hence the Swan Centre – not sure where it ran to or from

PW Joyce (yer man Mr. Placenames) wrote the buke. From
Rathmines village commenced opposite Rathgar Road, and in addition there was the portion known as “The Chains,” which occupied the site where the Belfast Bank and surrounding buildings now stand. “The Chains” were so called, because a number of dilapidated shanties at this point were enclosed by chains hung from stone pillars such as now surround Stephen’s Green. These old rookeries were really an unsightly and insanitary slum, and were swept away some twenty-five years ago, much to the advantage of the neighbourhood. The Swan Water, now almost entirely a subterraneous river, flows past this point, and has given name to the avenue known as “Swanville Place.

The Heritage Impact Assessment for Lansdowne Stadium mentions the Swan as running “along the northern boundary of the present site.”
See page 2 on$file/Annex%20I%202.pdf

For Alonso :pThe Swan’s Hollow in Glenageary and the Pigeon House in Dublin are both named after men.

Gunter – thanks for the pics and info. I was not lining in Ireland during that decade. Still catching up.

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